Civil Society Philanthropic Activities

Fund Raising events- 12 InternationalcelebritiesEvents & Shows infamous stadiums around the world since 2010 onwards organizing concerts for Bruce Spring Stein, Peter Gabriel, Madonna, Samantha Fox, Europe Group, George Michael etc.

Funded by International Sponsors & Government for Charities fund raising –Proceed was donated to spastic society & Red Cross Organization.

Festival of India2010 in China to celebrate the 60th Yearof Diplomatic Relations between India and China.

Sponsored & Funded by the Government of India – Proceed was utilized to promote cultural events and exchanges between the Silk Road Cities.

Shanghai World Expo 2010

Sponsored by the Government of India – Proceeds were used for the human development aid focusing on naturopathy and Yoga.

Tickets to Bollywood

Sponsored by the Government of India- Proceeds were used for the upliftment of poor children along the silk Road through educational scholarships.

Australian Culture Week 2011

India Culture Week 2011

Mexican Culture Week 2011

Sponsored by the Chinese Government- proceed was donated to the victims of Sichuan earth quake.

Xian InternationalHorticulture Expo 2011

Sponsored by Chinese Government – Proceed was utilised for the disabled children walking tools and teaching.

Silk Road Countries - International Carnival – 2011 ,participated by nine silk road countries .

Sponsored by Chinese Government – Proceed was utilized for the silk road countries key Universities students exchange scholarship program.

Beijing International Garden Expo 2013.

Sponsored by Indian Government- Proceeds was utilized on the cultural exchanges and meetings of the mayors along the silk road.

Qingdao International Horticulture Expo 2014

Sponsored by Chinese Government – Proceed was spent on the educational workshop –How to grow aromatic plants by the farmers in Shandong province, China.

Milan World Expo 2015 Basmati Pavilion

Sponsored by Indian University- Proceeds was utilized for the women up-liftment in rural areas along the silk road.

Wuhan International Garden Expo 2015 Indian Garden

Sponsored by the Silk Road Trade Federation- Proceeds were utilized for the disabled children education.

Antalya International Horticulture Expo 2016 Silk Road Garden

Sponsored by Global Group of Companies – Proceed was utilized for the Turkish universities students’ scholarship program mevlana.

Astana World Expo 2017Silk Road Pavilion

Funded by member Silk Road countries to promote conventional energies and greening of the Silk Road Cities project.

Taichung International Horticulture Expo

2018 - Silk Road Gardens

Sponsored by Chinese Taipei, Government -Upcoming Activity Plan to invite Michael Jackson –Legacy Tour & International Carnival in December 2018. – Fund Raised will be donated to the Cyclone Hit and natural Calamity victims dwellings in Chinese Taipei.