Silk Road Association being a Registered International Civil Society Business Non- Profit Organization carries out its role effectively to promote Silk Road Initiatives in Asia CIS, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and European countries having its regional offices located in France, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Hong Kong, SAR, PRC, Main land China and India. Silk Road Association is member of various organization of government and chamber of Commerce of various Silk Road countries and has been instrumental in creating bridge between the Silk Road countries for promoting educational programs, business, trade investments opportunities and promotion of sustainable green and smart city concepts sharing. The prime objective of Silk Road Association is to create platform for intergovernmental communication to enhance and revive the ancient Silk Road rejuvenating initiatives which was the main trading route of the world, a melting point of knowledge and cultures. Silk Road Association also takes several initiatives to promote educational and cultural exchanges including people to people interactions between the countries along the Silk Road and in order to achieve this initiative various monuments/pavilions were constructed in the International Expositions organized by BIE ,France and AIPH Exhibitions around the world to show case the Silk Road Countries Culture and Traditions and various promotional activities were carried out to create awareness of the importance of the Silk road countries alliances in 20th Century. Silk Road Association during their participation in the International Global events creates several B2B business and investment platforms for the Silk Road Countries to interface to the world. As mentioned above, Silk Road Association's main goal is to promote the revival of the ancient trading route which consists of land and maritime Silk Road of the world. The Silk Road Belt and Road initiative is intended to improve the infrastructure of overland and maritime routes to drive trade and capital flows between the east and the west The Silk Road Association initiatives are mainly to create a platform where it is expected to create jobs and opportunities for people and businesses along the silk road routes and create opportunities and connecting companies and investors around the world to conduct business in areas such as infrastructure, finance, trading, logistics and professional services including opening up trade corridors to reach the growing middle classes, which could number more than 4 billion by the year 2021. Silk Road Belt and Road may be a Chinese initiative, but it is a global effort involving developed and developing countries, and international organizations. In 2015, the Silk Road Association passed a resolution for the creation of GLOBAL – SRUC (Global- Silk Road University Consortium) a platform where elite universities along the Silk Road could become a member and these member universities together could create a platform where various academic exchanges could be derived for mutual benefits through scholarly interactions, cultural interchanges, cooperative research projects, Exchange of Undergraduate, Post Graduates students including academic staff, Setting up of Dual Degree Program for the Bachelor & Master programs, Short Study Program, Semester Exchange Programs, Summer Programs. This initiative enables the students along the countries of Silk Road to pursue their academic studies with any academic institutions who are the members of the Global - SRUC (Silk Road University Consortium). Each member university signs Inter-institutional MOU/ Agreement with each other facilitated by Global SRUC. If the member university agrees to cooperate for the exchange of students and/or staff in the context of the Global –SRUC programme. They commit to respect the quality requirements of the Charter for Higher Education in all aspects of the organization and management of the Students, in particular the recognition of the credits (or equivalent) awarded to students by the member university

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