SRACS Mission

  • SRACS insists on providing the most efficient, fastest and most valued business Consulting & Advisory services for foreign companies or individuals with plans to enter the Chinese market under BRI. At the same time, SRACS also hope that the Corporate investors can get a firm foothold in the Chinese market with our help and then achieve great success.
  • SRACS also adheres to the principle of "corporate's interests, that is our interests", so we always put our corporate's satisfaction and appreciation to us in the first place, and strive for corporate investors to achieve 100% satisfaction in our professional advice and consulting with a consistent pursuit.
  • SRACS hopes that our professional consultants and advisory Team always keep pace with the times. SRACS strives best to give our consultants and advisor a good training, so that their advice and opinions to corporate investors are always the latest, best and most effective.
  • SRACS also knows that the corporate's success is based on their employee success. Therefore, we advise the best working environment, the best salary system and the best training courses to the corporate investors so that their employees can get better benefits and treatment compared to the same type of companies in the market. At the same time, SRACS fully consider the needs and recommendations of corporates prospective employees, so that they can strike a good balance between the company's cost control and the employees' vested interests. SRACS team always maintains a good team style, high quality professional services and efficient response to the corporate investors under BRI.
  • SRACS pays great attention to corporate investors and traders’ complaints and suggestions. All complaints and suggestions are directly reported to the management. SRACS considers each customer's complaints and suggestions seriously to sharpen and improve services and avoid the same mistakes to happen next time.
  • SRACS hopes to be able to treat every corporate fairly, without the distinction of size and distinction of ethnic borders.